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The bedrooms and Living spaces

Each bedroom is equipped with its own bathroom with wash-basin, shower, towel-drying radiator and toilet. 

There is also a small desk with direct internet access or free wifi.


A television is available as well as a bookshelf with a wide range of books, magazines, comics and newspapers...

Hom Gaia is a Bed and Breakfast designed for the well-being of its hosts. 


Built with ecological materials - wooden framework, wood-wool and hemp-wool insulation panels, earth based coatings, wood pulp, whitewash, is very health-friendly. 


Particular attention was given to soundproofing between each room with soundproof partitions (double fermacell + 2.7 inches of hemp insulation + double fermacell). 


We limitate our ecological impact thanks to our geothermal heating, waste sorting, composting and chicken. 


Hom'Gaia has been designed to welcome visitors with disabilities thanks to a dedicated bedroom on the ground floor


and has been entirely decorated following Feng-Shui principles.

All common spaces and each bedroom have been harmonised following this principle. The names of the rooms have also been chosen in function of which Feng-shui area it was situated in.